New York/American Studies Conference, April 10

Of interest to many of our readers, I’m sure:

An afternoon workshop organized by the Columbia Seminar in American Studies

Glenn Hendler and Elizabeth Hutchinson, co-chairs

Saturday, April 10, 2010 1-6pm

The Ella Weed Room (223 Milbank Hall), Barnard College

As the capstone to the Columbia American Studies Seminar’s year-long series of presentations of American Studies work on New York City topics, this afternoon workshop will explore how the field plays out here and how being here shapes the field. The first of our two roundtable discussions will center on the pleasures and challenges of doing American Studies research about New York City; the second will bring together scholars from various American Studies institutions in New York City to discuss their programs and the potential for developing a stronger local American Studies community.Each panel will open with very brief presentations by the panelists, followed by open discussion with one another and with others in attendance. The event is open to all, and is free; however, please RSVP to the seminar rapporteur, Christina Charuhas at

1:00pm: Welcome

Panel #1–“New York City in American Studies”
Pamela Cobrin (English, Barnard)
Ellen Gruber Garvey (English, New Jersey City University)
Oneka LaBennett (African and African American Studies, Fordham)
John Matteson (English, John Jay College, CUNY)
Thuy Linh Tu (Asian Pacific Am Stdy, Dept of Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU)
Moderator: Elizabeth Hutchinson (Art History, Barnard/Columbia)

Panel #2–“American Studies in New York City”
Rachel Adams (English, Columbia)
Sarah Chinn (Hunter College, CUNY, and New York Metro Am Studies Association)
Arlene Davila (Anthropology and Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU)
Robert Fanuzzi, (English, St. John’s University)
Jennie Kassanoff  (Director of American Studies, Barnard)
Moderator: Glenn Hendler (Director of American Studies, Fordham)