Guest Playlist: Daphne Brooks

This week, to mark the release of our volumes in Continuum’s 33 1/3 series, we continue our series of guest playlists from friends, critics, and fellow music lovers. (Check back late afternoons: we’ll probably be posting two a day.) Given that both our books focus on New York in the 70s, we’ve asked contributors to curate lists along the lines of a loose theme: “favorite NYC records.” What constitutes a “NYC record” is left to their discretion.

This morning’s playlist comes from Daphne Brooks, who teaches in Princeton’s English Department and Center for African American Studies. Her books include Bodies in Dissent: Spectacular Performances of Race and Freedom, 1850-1910 and the 33 1/3 volume on Jeff Buckley’s Grace, which she treats not only as an inroad to the East Village in the 80s and early 90s, but also as a window onto the long history of race and popular music in America. She’s also a teacher and member of the board of directors at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

Daphne’s NYC top 5:

Mamie Smith, “Crazy Blues” (1920):

James Brown, “I Found Someone to Love Me,” Live at the Apollo (1963):

TV on the Radio, “Wolf Like Me” from Return to Cookie Mountain (2006):

Jeff Buckley, “So Real” from Grace (1994):

Santogold, “I’m A Lady” from Santogold (2008):

[Daphne writes: “hoping this one was recorded in NYC/Brooklyn. Santi’s originally from Philly but has been based in Brooklyn for some time. A very Brooklyn record to me.”]

What’s on your NYC playlist?

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