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Serving a city of 8 million people …

A guide to BBQing in uptown parks on the 4th [Uptown Flavor]

Miss Heather visits 5Pointz and takes snazzy photos! [New York Shitty]

Coney Island Talent Show: deadline to enter is July 16th [Kinetic Carnival]

4th of July weekend at New York Botanical Garden [Bronx Mama]

The Staten Island 4th of July Travis Parade is celebrating its centennial [travisparade.org]

Photo credit: “Scoops,” above, by Miss Heather.

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What’s happening out there in this great city of ours? If it weren’t for the internet I probably wouldn’t know, because I don’t seem to get out of my neighborhood much.

Visit Salvatore of Soho … on Staten Island. [We Heart New York]

Gardening in Harlem with BroSis [Uptown Flavor]

Celebrating Frederick Douglass in Brooklyn, 1895; check out earlier entries on Kerouac in Brooklyn, too! [Who Walk in Brooklyn]

Canadians longing for LIC [Globe & Mail]

Starting Sunday the 6th, swing into summer w/ Latin Jazz and Salsa at Bronx Cemetery [Bronx Latino]

5Pointz photo via Globe and Mail.

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