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This one goes out to my Downtown Scenes class, who’re discussing Forced Entries later today. You’ve all seen the terrific Jim Carroll site, Catholic Boy, right?

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by Herman Melville

Skimming lightly, wheeling still,
The swallows fly low
Over the field in clouded days,
The forest-field of Shiloh —
Over the field where April rain
Solaced the parched ones stretched in pain
Through the pause of night
That followed the Sunday fight
Around the church of Shiloh —
The church so lone, the log-built one,
That echoed to many a parting groan
And natural prayer
Of dying foemen mingled there —
Foemen at morn, but friends at eve —
Fame or country least their care:
(What like a bullet can undeceive!)
But now they lie low,
While over them the swallows skim,
And all is hushed at Shiloh.

more on Memorial Day poetry here.

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Fab 5 Freddy posted this to Twitter. Filmed in NYC in the early 70s:

Gil Scott-Heron, 1949-2011, died just a year after releasing the stunning record I’m New Here, his first album in 16 years. Here’s an riveting profile by Alec Wilkinson published by The New Yorker last fall. From I’m New Here, the track “New York Is Killing Me”:

Bryan Wagner posted this one to Twitter:

And of course, the piece for which he has been best known for forty years:

Rest in peace, revolutionary.

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Jeff Buckley tears up “Kangaroo”:

And the original, w/ photos courtesy Knitting Factory. Was there ever a more judicious use of cowbell?

Brief Times obit.

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