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And I fell …

The good folks at asked me to annotate a passage from my 33 1/3 volume on Television’s Marquee Moon. Here’s what I came up with:


Previously on PWHNY.

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We’re painfully aware how slow it’s been around here the last several weeks. We have some decent explanations, and we hope to be back up and running sooner than later.

First up will be our inaugural summer book club discussion, on Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City. Not to late to pick up a copy and join us. We’ll most likely commence next week.

Other stuff going on in our corner of the cosmos: Friend-of-the-blog Caryn Rose had a rock n roll novel come out this summer. Book launch party for B-Sides and Broken Hearts takes place next week at Soft Spot, on Bedford in Williamsburg. Details here. And a trailer:

Speaking of rock n roll, I’m going to be on WNYC’s Soundcheck on Wednesday, 8/17, to talk about Marquee Moon (the album and the book) and the downtown scene in the 70s.

More 70s news: we’re saddened this week to hear about the passing of NYC graffiti legend Kase 2. If you’ve never managed to see the 1980s documentary Style Wars, this is the week to queue it up. Kase/Case delivers some of the film’s most memorable moments. To wit:

And if you thought we’d forgotten about anything in the city pre-1973, think again. We’re so excited about the reopening of the New-York Historical Society this fall (11/11/11). Ever wonder what the oldest building in NYC is?

Stick with us. We’ll be out of vacation/moving mode shortly.

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Well, over at 33 1/3 they’ve finally made the big announcement we’ve been holding our breath for. Much to our delight, Television’s Marquee Moon (1977) and The Rolling Stones’ Some Girls (1978) will be added to the series’ list of titles …

Thumbnail image for television.jpgThumbnail image for somegirls78.jpg

… and we’re writing them! I’m sure I speak for the other guy when I say these projects will be dreams come true — for us at least! We’re honored, certainly, to have made it to the “chosen eleven.” We’ll be working on these volumes, which we’ve conceptualized as part of our larger engagements with NYC cultural history, with a tentative deadline of summer 2010. I’m sure we’ll have some updates to post as we go.

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