We’re pleased to announce a prospective Table of Contents for our Cambridge Companion to the Literatures of New York City (edited by Waterman and Patell), due out in late 2009:

Introduction: Cyrus R. K. Patell and Bryan Waterman (New York University)
1. Dutch New York, Before and After Irving: Elizabeth L. Bradley (New York Public Library)
2. From British Outpost to American Metropolis: Robert Lawson-Peebles (Exeter University)
3. The City on Stage: Waterman
4. Melville’s New York: Thomas Augst (New York University)
5. Whitman and the Whitmanian Tradition: Lytle Shaw (New York University)
6. Sunshine and Shadow: Literature of Sensation and Reform: Glenn Hendler (Fordham University)
7. Writing Brooklyn: Martha Nadell (Brooklyn College)
8. New York Novels of Manners: Sarah Wilson (University of Toronto)
9. City of Immigrants: Political and Popular Cultures: Eric Homberger (University of East Anglia)
10. Performing Greenwich Village Bohemianism: Melissa Bradshaw (DePaul University)
11. From the Harlem Renaissance to Civil Rights: Thulani Davis (New York University)
12. From Poetry to Punk in the East Village: Daniel Kane (University of Sussex)
13. New York’s Cultures of Print: Trysh Travis (University of Florida)
14. Staging Gay and Lesbian New York: Robin Bernstein (Harvard University)
15. Emergent Ethnic Literatures: Patell
Afterword: 9/11 and Beyond: Waterman and Patell