byrne_villager_bike_rack.jpgToday’s post combines the interests of our last two posts: David Byrne and bicycling. In addition to releasing his new musical collaboration with Brian Eno, Byrne has produced some public art for New York City: nine bike racks spread about Manhattan and Brooklyn. Byrne was inspired to create the racks after serving as a judge for the CityRacks Design Competition. Each of the racks has been given a name: the one shown above is called “The Villager” and is installed near NYU in front of 535 LaGuardia Place. Because they’re designated as public art, the racks aren’t permanent and will be removed in about 11 months.

You can see pictures of the racks and read more about the project on Byrne’s website, where you’ll find a map showing the locations of the racks and links to recent articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this YouTube video (originally from, in which Byrne talks about the project.