This Sunday, August 31, will see the Sixteenth Annual Tug Boat Race on the Hudson River. The event lasts from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and begins in Hudson River Park at Pier 84, West 44th Street and Hudson River. The race is sponsored by the Working Harbor Committee, whose mission is “to strengthen awareness of the
history and vitality today.”

You can view the start of the race at Pier I, near 72nd Street in Riverside Park South. To see the middle of the race, go to Clinton Cove at 55th Street and Hudson River. The race ends at around noon at Pier 84.

You can also buy tickets to view the race from a spectator boat (adults $35, children and seniors $30).

nyc-tug-boat-race-07-by-will-van-dorp.jpgYou can find an account of last year’s race and more information about this year at tugster: a waterblog (the source of the picture above).