allen_barelona.jpgBY JESSIE MORGAN-OWENS

Woody Allen’s article in today’s New York Times, “Excerpts from the Spanish
Diary,” is such classic “Woody Allen” that before my first cup of coffee and before reading the by-line, I knew it was him, because his voice had taken over the usual reading-voice I hear in my head.

Try this as an experiment — try to read the first line as Javier Bardem and not as Woody Allen:

“January 2nd: Received offer to write and direct film in Barcelona. Must be cautious. Spain is sunny, and I freckle.”

Or this one, a love note to New York from Barcelona:

“I never like mixing business with pleasure, but I may have to slake the lust of each one in turn to get the film completed. Perhaps I can give Pen