A rather remarkable drama unfolded last week over on Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man blog:

no_impact_man.jpgAfter nearly being crushed by a black Mercedes driven by a recognizable state senator, Jeff Klein, who happens to have an autocentric voting record to say the least, not to mention a foul mouth and a general lack of civility, Beavan asked his readers to phone Klein’s office to demand he meet with Beavan and others from Transportation Alternatives.

I’m impressed most of all by Beavan’s call for his readers to exercise civility even as they engage in this little bit of political and environmental activism. When I get squeezed off the road by a suit in a black Mercedes, I often lose my temper and come out with the same kind of language Klein deals in. My bad.

In any case, after hundreds of phonecalls, Klein’s office agreed to set up the meeting. Should be interesting.

Via Streetsblog. Photo credit: ABC News.