jesusobama.jpgI know you’re probably tempted to regard the McCain campaign as comedy, say in it attempts to paint Obama a socialist for supporting a graduated income tax — the same sort of tax plan McCain himself has defended in the past. And certainly their campaign — the moose-hunter in particular — has provided fodder for humorists (including NY’s finest — well, this season at least).

In case you need a little more humor to fill those gaps between refreshing a dozen times a day, consider this terrific bit about Park Slope parents from my friend A White Bear:

I keep hearing parents around here making a new threat when their
kids misbehave, and it’s working. They don’t threaten not to take them
to Balthazar or not to buy them that Eames chair they so wanted. They
threaten them with Barack Obama’s disappointment in them.

“What would Barack Obama say if he saw you treating your brother that way?”
“If you don’t stop hitting me, you won’t get to watch the Barack Obama debate tonight.”
“Do you think Malia and Sasha act like that? No, they don’t.”

The rest of the post here (and yes, that’s me she references in the first paragraph).

For more Park Slope election oddities, check this out. I’d bet those houses don’t get a lot of Halloween action this year: too scary for the kids!