you voted yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

If you’re searching for thematically appropriate music to listen to while you read political blogs all day, you won’t do better than WFMU’s Electile Dysfunction stream. If you don’t know WFMU, it’s Jersey City’s freeform radio station, now celebrating its 50th year serving the NYC area (and now the globe, thanks to the intertubes). No one does better or more eclectic themed playlists.

At the moment, DJ Hatch — formerly of WNYU — is finishing up a set. Click here for the stream; you can also check here for the entire day’s schedule, which will be archived and available to listen to whenever you get a hankering to remember this historic freaking day! (Did I already remind you to get out the vote??)

And, as an update to yesterday’s post: Hey, Lurkers! That was supposed to be a lurker amnesty post. Thanks to the folks who piped up with suggestions. Keep them coming! We also want to know who else is out there, how you found us (was it the recent feature in the Manhattan User’s Guide? one of our classes?), and what we can do to make this a place you want to peek in on more regularly.

So let us know who you are. Yes, you can!