Alex Ross has this to say, in light of the spontaneous singing in Union Square the other night (see his original post if you want more links to follow):

A quick search of YouTube reveals that young crowds across the country broke into the national anthem in the early morning hours. You can find videos for the East Village, Times Square, Berkeley, Portland OR, Amherst, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Madison WI, and Harvard Yard (with band), among others. Two obvious conclusions: 1) contra Palin, the entire country is “pro America”; 2) increased support for music education would be nice.

One more musical angle: Bob Dylan announced the outcome of the election by playing “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

If you’re like me at all, you’ve been thanking your favorite deities (or Barack Obama, whichever you prefer) that you haven’t heard Sarah Palin’s voice in the last several days. If you can handle it, though, check out this final note, so to speak, on the Couric interviews, also courtesy of Alex: