Via today’s Gothamist, video of a ride along the contemporary 4/5/6 line from 14th Street to 42nd. If the ride seems too slow for your 21st-century tastes, jump to the 5 minute mark and watch it to the end. You won’t be sorry you took the time.

In other old subway news, I recently learned that the train that runs under the building I live in (on Broome Street, near Centre) is not the 4/5/6, as I’d always imagined, but the J/M/Z, which makes a 90 degree turn at Kenmare and then runs over to the Bowery/Delancey stop. The 4/5/6, by contrast, continues to run down Lafayette toward the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop, missing our location by a good block. The real estate grad student (also a resident of our building) who told me about this provided this map, which tipped him off:Broome.jpg

We’re high enough in the building and far enough on its east side that we only really hear the rumble of the train late at night, when no one’s talking and no music’s on. I find it kind of comforting.