Our friend Mannahattamamma has begun writing for the New York City Mom’s Blog, a collective of bloggers that is affiliated with a larger network of blogs called the Silicon Valley Moms Group. The New York bloggers describe themselves as “a collaborative group of women living or working in New York City. They wrestle strollers down subway stairs and struggle with taxi cabs
on every corner. But whether they?re parenting without backyards,
extra storage space or carpools, or enjoying their recent escapes to
the suburbs in spite of their horrific commutes, these moms are living
proof that ‘the city never sleeps.'” The writers include businesswomen, freelancers of various kinds, full-time moms, journalists, professors — all of whom offer observations on the ups and downs of parenting in the City with humor and even poignancy.

The Silicon Valley Moms Group features some 300 writers — all “opinionated moms” — whose posts “the ups, downs, outrages, struggles, victories, and the everyday humor of motherhood.” The related sites include the Chicago Moms Blog, the DC Metro Moms Blog, New Jersey Moms Blog, the 50-Something Moms Blog, the Deep South Moms Blog, and the Los Angeles Moms Blog. Sites devoted to Philadelphia and the Rocky Mountain area are planned for next year.

Mannahattamamma’s latest post for NYCMB is about finding unexpected holiday cheer during walk through Union Square with her younger son. An excerpt:

At home, we’d been passing around a nasty stomach bug, which had
attacked me all day Monday, and now I was ready to eat something but
nothing sounded right … in short, by Tuesday evening, I was grumpy,
cold, and hungry — utterly devoid of holiday spirit.

To make matters worse, I had to pick Caleb up at nursery school,
which meant slogging through the after-work crowds in Union Square, and
walking past Blue Water Grill, which sits on the edge of the Square and
has big windows looking out onto 16th street. Walking past the
restaurant, especially in the winter dark, I always want to press my
nose against the glass and gaze inside, past the blue-lit Christmas
trees that decorate the terrace. Who are those people, lounging inside at 5 o’clock on a weekday?

You can see all of her posts by clicking here.