… or studying for finals, or raising kids, or whatever it is you do, gentle reader, you may have missed a couple Deitch Projects installations that are slated to close within a couple weeks.
First, the breathtaking Kehinde Wiley show, “Down,” at Deitch’s 18 Wooster St. location (around the corner to the south of the old main space on Grand). I was walking back to SoHo from a doctor’s appointment in TriBeCa* with one of my kids when we stopped in for a gander. I have a hard time thinking of something I’ve seen this arresting (or cool) all year. [The piece above, “Sleep,” measures 25 feet in length!] Through December 20.


Second, and also sponsored by Deitch, the recreation of Keith Haring’s day-glo mural at Bowery and Houston — installed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s birth — is slated to “close” on the 21st. Not sure exactly how that will happen, although there was some indication when it “opened” last spring that the piece would eventually be replaced by another Haring recreation.

Catch them while you can. I, for one, have enjoyed the mural’s place in the neighborhood for most of the last year.

*Do we have a style guide for this blog? I find typing the internal capitals in “SoHo” and “TriBeCa” to be a little annoying. But aren’t those standard usage?