Via the awesome Brooklyn blog Gowanus Lounge, a photo of Coney Island from the mid-20c.

It shows the Steeplechase Pavilion that was murdered by Fred Trump and
to its right the Thunderbolt roller coaster, which was slaughtered by
Rudolph Giuliani. The date of the photo is unclear, but we would place
it in the 40s or 50s. Steeplechase was demolished in 1964, and Keyspan
Park and a parking lot now stands in its place. The Thunderbolt lot is
a huge vacant city block over run with weeds.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Art Society of New York has launched an “Imagine Coney Island” website to promote creative redesign efforts for the park. From their year-end fund-raising letter:

MAS has collected more than 200 new ideas – from the outlandish to the
inspiring: a Ferris wheel powered by the waves off Coney Island’s
; a rebuilt Elephant Hotel; an interactive “Dig a Hole to
: “Keep Coney Island subversive, quasi-outlaw, quirky,
individual and raffish
” wrote one participant.

We’ve also convened an international team of designers, entertainment
professionals and economists to develop new ideas for rides, activities, events
and big ideas for summer 2009 and beyond.

For all other things Coney Island, bad news and good, visit Coney Island USA’s website.

Updated with info from the comments section:

Thanks to Saving Coney Coalition for the following, left as a comment:

ImagineConey Public Meeting January 14th, 2009

Now, it is critical that we demonstrate to the decision-makers that
New Yorkers passionately believe that Coney Island should become a
great amusement and entertainment destination once again. So please
join us on January 14 at 6.30 pm, when the MAS will be participating in
a public meeting in Coney Island at Our Lady of Solace Church, 1717 Mermaid Ave, Brooklyn. Seating is limited and reservations are encouraged. RSVP online now.

Click here for a map.

MAS will present a selection of the ideas contributed as well the
economic and design work conducted by the charrette team. More details here.

On Jan 1 the Save Coney Coalition held a New Year’s Day Rally on the Boardwalk.

Downloadable protest art here.

Press coverage here.


Email Mayor Michael Bloomberg or phone 311 (1-
212-NEWYORK outside of the city) and leave a “Comment for the Mayor”