FordtoCityDropDead.jpgLots of chatter lately about the economic crisis bringing a return of an older, grittier era. Crime on the rise, city services down, that sort of thing. A couple Sundays ago I saw three shell games going on in a three-block stretch on Broadway … in SoHo! So something must be up.

Jeremiah, like many, hopes it means an end to the luxurification of the East Village. But EV Grieve, writing in the comments, warns that the media hand-wringing about the return of crime and dirt is a ploy by Bloomberg’s people to get him elected to a third term.

Whether you’re nervous about the return of street cats and corner trash can fires or giddily rubbing your hands waiting for the yuppies to evacuate (maybe we’ll have a new reason to celebrate Evacuation Day?) you’ll probably get a kick out of the video playlist over at Gawker capitalizing on the buzz.

Bonus round: Earlier in the week The Bowery Boys took us back to two filmic takes on SoHo in the 70s.