Just one day after I posted my lament for Woolworth’s eclipse, Curbed spent the day fielding, disseminating, and updating rumors that Gehry’s Beekman Tower was going to be capped at its current height.

It’s not clear yet what the full story is. Apparently a permit had been sought for a concrete “roof,” which some tipsters interpreted as a signal that the tower had topped out early, but the Tribeca Trib is reporting that the permit was simply for the first of three planned setbacks (forming a terrace from which the building will continue its ascent).


I suppose time will tell, but I’m not sure which I feel worse about — a garish 76-story silver rocketship, or one that gets cut off half way up, nipping in the bud Gehry’s stab at the skyline, a permanent memorial not just to Bloomberg’s developmania but to the recession.

P.S. Can we call a moratorium on the nickname FiDi for the Financial District? It sounds like a brand of dog food.