watchmen-babies.jpgUh, I guess that would be me. I had a friend who’d waited for me to get back from Bermuda before watching it, and then I was scheduled to take a group of students (my book group) the next night. I have thoughts but no time, and so I’ll postpone a longer post. For now I’ll say I thought it wasn’t terrible — and I did like it better the second time — but that it still has some big flaws that it can’t quite overcome. Contrary to those who think it’s about the book being unfilmable, it’s really about bad acting on the part of everyone but the perfectly cast Patrick Wilson (and he wasn’t close to being at his best).

Meanwhile, for a fun set of discussions (especially in comments), here are a couple links to SEK’s and dana’s takes over at Edge. My response was closer to dana’s, but I’m not sure I agree on the “worst use of ‘Hallelujah'” bit. I thought that was kind of funny. If I ever get around to a longer Watchmen post, it might be on the music direction, which was so overdetermined as to be self-parodic — kind of like the film as a whole.

Bonus: Best ever discussion of pre-Watchmen uses/versions of “Hallelujah.”

God, I love Leonard Cohen.