One of the passions in our household is Lego. There are literally thousands and thousands of Lego pieces in our apartment jumbled together from the countless sets that we have bought since my older son first got interested in the bricks about five years ago. Each morning, we can count on the characteristic sound of Lego bricks being dumped out onto the floor by our younger son, who uses them to tell stories about spaceships and battles among pirates, trolls, and Jedi Knights. My older son can often be found assembling pieces into ever more elaborate spaceships, vehicles, and buildings. He has an amazing memory for the Lego inventory and often enlists my help to locate very particular pieces in order to execute one of his designs. Keeping it all organized is, shall we say, a challenge (one that we have yet, frankly, to meet).

Last year, in partnership with Adam Reed Tucker, a LEGO enthusiast and founder of Brickstructures, Lego created the Lego Architecture series last year, beginning with sets devoted to famous Chicago landmarks, the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Canter.

This year is New York’s turn. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum, Lego Archtecture and Tucker have collaborated on a model of the Guggenheim, which was released last May 15 in conjunction with the exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward, which runs until August 23.

lego_arch_guggenheim.jpgThe set has a list price of $45 and is available at the Guggenheim exhibition or from the Brickstructures online store. A set featuring Wright’s famous cantilevered waterfall-house, Fallingwater (located just outside Pittsburgh) will be available in August.

Oh yeah — the exhibition looks pretty cool too. We’ll report back after we’ve seen it.