wash_sq_symmetry.jpgNo longer at the center of the park, the venerable Washington Square Park fountain sits on an axis that aligns it with the Arch and with Fifth Avenue. The are new stone benches just to the west of the fountain, which has been renamed in honor of the Tisch Family. Although Phase I of the renovation is officially completed, there’s still some work to be done around the dog run and to complete the new iron fences that have been added.

The second phase of the renovation will feature upgrades to the playgrounds and the creation of a performance stage. You can read about the plans here. Not everyone is happy with the renovation, with opponents citing the expense, the destruction of historic aspects of the park, and the suspected ulterior motive of reconfiguring the space to help rein in crowds.

If you have a chance to walk around the newly reopened section, let us know what you think of it.