It’s been a while since I’ve written this feature, but the idea is to pretend I’m not such a lazy downtown chauvinist and that I actually notice what’s happening in other parts of this great city — or its blogosphere. So …


Andrew Kelley contemplates leaving the Shire — er, Park Slope — for the wilds of Red Hook. What part of Middle-Earth would that be? [The Great Whatsit]

I had such a great time rowing in Central Park the other day — a cliche, I know, but an underrated one! Next I’d like to try paddling through the New York Botanical Garden with the Bronx River Alliance. [Bronx Bohemian]

Stranger than fiction department: “A former teen underwear model who
made headlines bedding a second-grade Queens teacher was busted
Thursday for being part of a gang of bandits.” [Queens Crap]

The most neglected green space in St. George, Staten Island [Walking Is Transportation]

Free weekend tours of Little Red Lighthouse and Highbridge Water Tower [Uptown Flavor]