Ooh. Check this out. A New York music superblog made up of a host of folks whose individual blogs are already among my daily reads. As Alex at Flaming Pablum, one of the contributors, puts it:

Dubbed “The New York Nobody Sings,” this website — forged by EV Grieve, Hunter-Gatherer and Karate Boogaloo of Stupefaction
— is “dedicated to songs about New York. As simple as that. The only
rules are that the songs must be brilliant and that the blindingly
obvious numbers are excluded. The songs may be explicitly about New
York or obliquely about the city in some way. There are plenty of great
sites dedicated to photos and images about New York. This site is
designed to be a musical accompaniment.”

Here’s a taste from a recent entry by Karate Boogaloo, with three very different songs all titled “Coney Island Baby.”

Count me among the target audience.