lost_new_york_cover.jpgBryan and I are planning a conference called “Lost New York, 1609-2009,” which will be held at NYU on October 2 and 3. Our speakers will include Joanne van der Woude (Harvard University), Elizabeth L. Bradley (New York Public Library), Lytle Shaw (NYU), Daphne Brooks (Princeton University), Sukhdev Sandhu (NYU), David Freeland (author of Automats, Taxi Dances, and Vaudeville: Excavating Manhattan’s Lost Places of Leisure), and Marshall Berman (CUNY). We’ll also have a panel of bloggers who write about vanishing New York.

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition at the Fales Library, curated by four of our doctoral students — Jane Greenway Carr, Kristen Doyle Highland, John Easterbrook, and Melillo — each of whom has also written an essay for an accompanying volume. The cover is shown at left. The book was designed by the folks at NYU’s Office of Advertising and Publication, and it looks smashing (if we do say so ourselves). It’s also fascinating reading.

We’ll have more details about the conference in the coming weeks, but for now save the dates: October 2 and 3!

UPDATE: Full schedule here.