City Room reports that this year’s Summer Streets events — beginning this Saturday — will include pilot programs for public bikeshares, allowing bikeless New Yorkers to enjoy car-free streets from lower Manhattan all the way up to Central Park:

At two places between Park and Lexington Avenues, at 26th and 47th
Streets, several bike-share companies will demonstrate on a small scale
the kind of systems that exist elsewhere in the world. …

Around 180 bikes will be available — the majority provided by the Dutch
government as part of its contribution to the celebrations of the 400th
anniversary of the arrival of Henry Hudson in present-day New York.

Read the rest here. More on Summer Streets here, including info on events in other boroughs.

Apparently there aren’t yet plans for a long-term program in NYC, but that could change if enough people use the service and write thank you notes to Janette Sadik-Khan.

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