As if putting together the Lost New York conference and Fales Library exhibition weren’t enough, late summer and early fall saw us working on the copy editing for the Cambridge Companion to the Literature of New York. The press now has the copy-edited manuscript and an index; we’re awaiting the page proofs. The index was prepared using an XML-coded version of the manuscript, which we then annotated using Adobe Acrobat Professional. The index entries are keyed not to page numbers but rather to unique numbers with which we tagged words in the text. As a result, the index can be recreated for future digital versions of the book that have different pagination or no pagination at all!

Meanwhile, you can see an updated version of the publisher’s blurb sans the little grammatical error that was driving Bryan and me crazy. And our volume seems to have been listed in the back matter of The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare’s Last Plays, which was published at the end of August.