I’ve had a couple great trips out to Governors Island with friends and family this summer and hope to go a few more times before the season ends. I fished with my daughter off the eastern shore, listened to poetry and music produced by Patti Smith and her daughter, and really inspected Fort Jay closely for the first time. I haven’t biked out there this year but hope to. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lupe Fiasco’s beach show, either, but damn — for $40?

In case you missed it, The New Yorker had a big old piece on the Island by Nick Paumgarten. There’s video from one of the magazine’s blogs, too:

Earlier this summer I noticed that real progress is being made on the Harbor School’s new home in an old, historic Coast Guard hospital. The LA Times had a sprawling piece on the school — a NYC public high school rooted in studying the city’s waterways — a couple weeks back. It’s well worth a read.