This is a bit of a precursor to the next annotated conference program post, which I’ll put up this afternoon. Before I introduce the bloggers we’ve asked to talk on Saturday afternoon about the relationship between blogging, literary culture, and cultural memory, I wanted to offer a sort of umbrella view of the NYC blogosphere, at least from where I sit in downtown Manhattan.

Over the last year or so, on the links page of my personal website, I’ve gradually accumulated a hefty set of links to NYC-oriented blogs. I don’t claim to be comprehensive: I generally make a quick pass through a site I’ve stumbled across and give it a quick thumbs up or down based on a few set criteria. Is it oriented toward a specific neighborhood or borough or the city in general — or even toward a particular aspect of the city — as much as it is toward the idiosyncratic details of the blogger’s day? (I don’t have the time or space for every New Yorker’s livejournal, in other words.) Is the blog fairly active? (If the most recent entry is already a month old I won’t include it.) And does its take on the city comport with the roughest outlines of my own? Now, that last question may sound a little harsh, and when you see the list below I think you’ll find that my umbrella is pretty broad. But I am aware of at least a few blogs geographically and/or spiritually rooted in certain neighborhoods I don’t really care for, or focusing on items such as cupcakes or high fashion that really don’t float my boat, and I’ve simply chosen not to include them. As Cyrus repeatedly reminds me, attempts at cosmopolitanism aren’t the same thing as an uncritical cultural relativism. Maybe there’s a place for pink blogs about shoes written by Carrie Bradshaw wannabes on the Upper East Side, but that place isn’t my own personal links page.

Still, I love the fact that this set of links constantly expands in size and in the breadth of material it takes in, from Central Park birding photos to love-hate relationships with The New Yorker. As Cyrus and I have tried to map out what our own single-volume cultural history of New York will look like, we’ve confronted head-on the difficulty of reining in so much culture. What’s not going on here, I ask you? And then there’s the five borough problem: I’ve tried to maintain — and to publicize, though my occasional Friday links posts — a handle on blogging that’s rooted uptown or in outer-boroughs, though my daily reads tend to gravitate toward neighborhoods and interests adjacent to my own. Is that provincial?

Enough preamble. What I really want to put out there is the list. So take a look. Tell us if there’s something here you particularly like. Or hate. Or if you have a blog we should note or know of one you wish had been included. I’d like to compete with City Room for the most comprehensive city blogroll. Well, and still maintain my standards of course. If you’d prefer to see the links in a single column, click here and scroll down until you’ve passed the NYC Cultural History Resources.

NYC blogs

AIANY Blog Central
Animal New York

Art Fag City
Be in Brooklyn
Bed-Stuy Banana
Bed-Stuy Blog
Bitch Cakes
Bitch Cakes Commutes
Blah Blog Blah
Bowery Boogie
The Bowery Boys
Bronx Bohemian
Brooklyn by Bike
Brooklyn Diners
Brooklyn Parrots
Burn Some Dust (Blog)
The City Birder
City Room (NYTimes)
City Snapshots
Civic Center Residents Coalition
Colonnade Row
East Village History Project Blog
East Village Idiot
East Village Podcasts
Eating in Translation
Ephemeral New York
EV Grieve
Fading Ad Blog
Fecal Face NYC
Flaming Pablum
Forgotten New York
Found in Brooklyn
Free NYC
Fucked in Park Slope
The Girl Who Ate Everything
Gotham Lost and Found
Gowanus Lounge
Greater New York
Greenwich Village Daily Photo
Harlem Bespoke
Harlem Hybrid
A History of New York
Historic Districts Council Newsstand
Holla Back NYC
Hotel Chelsea Blog
Idealist in NYC
I Hate The New Yorker
I Shot New York
Inside the Apple
It Was Her New York
John Egan Harp
Lower East Side History Project Blog
Kinetic Carnival
Knickerbocker Village
Lost City
The Masterpiece Next Door
The Met Everyday
Metroblogging NYC
Mommy Poppins
My NYC in Color
Neither More Nor Less
New York Daily Photo
The New York Nobody Sings
New York Portraits
New York Shitty
New York Yak
Not for Tourists
NY Art Beat
NYC Garden
NYC The Blog
NYC Rhymology
Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn
Plain in the City
The Origin of Species
Out My Window NYC
Queens Crap
Roosevelt Island 360
Roosevelt Islander
Runnin’ Scared (VVoice)
Save the Lower East Side
Scouting New York
Second Avenue Sagas
Second Circuit Blog
Sense & the City
Shooting Brooklyn
Slum Goddess
Street Level
Subway Blogger
Tenement Museum Blog
Today in NYC History
An Unamplified Voice
Untapped New York
Uptown Flavor
Urban Hawks
Urbanite (AMNY)
Vanishing New York
Walking Is Transportation
Walking Off the Big Apple
Washington Square Park
We Heart New York
What about the Plastic Animals?
Who Walk in Brooklyn
Williamsburg Is Dead
Young Manhattanite