The last time I checked our official Cambridge Companion page I was delighted to see that we officially have a cover. Even more delighted to see that they used the painting we recommended, by the Czech painter T. F. Simon:


The volume’s due out in March. We just received proofs and think it looks pretty fantastic.

Some other highlights of the week … via Stupefaction, a preview for a new film exploring the idea of “downtown” in the late 70s and early 80s. Narrated by Debbie Harry, Downtown Calling seems to have a special interest in exploring hip hop and underground dance. It premieres later this month in Austin.

Friends from LA are in town for a few days playing some shows. I caught them last night at Mercury Lounge and they’re playing again at Union Hall in Brooklyn tomorrow. Not a lot of huge NYC content in this entry, if it weren’t for the lovely and talented Sara Lov, the member of this tour I know best, who has a sweet little song called “New York”:

Sara, who formerly fronted the band Devics, plays her set backed by a turntable that plays the instrumental tracks to her songs while she sings. I thought the trick worked quite well. Another LA band, Sea Wolf, headlines: friends of friends, they play perfectly pleasant indie rock. They had a nice crowd last night. My daughters have listened to them for the last few years and I took one of them, the 8th grader, to yesterday’s sound check, since the show was 21+. Thanks to Sara and Tim for being so sweet to her while we were there.

And now? I think I’m going to go check out the much written about lobster rolls at Luke’s. They’re half the price of my favorites, at Ed’s. I wonder if they’ll only be half as good? Half the lobster? I’ll report back.