I got a little carried away with the John John sketches yesterday. I’d intended to add a few from my other favorite human child/Muppet interactions: Kermit’s conversations with Joey. These are all from ’72 if I’m not mistaken. Again, what I find amazing is that she seems oblivious to the Muppeteer hiding behind the desk (in this case Henson himself) and is perfectly willing to interact with Kermit on a human level.

Counting to 20, with commentary on Kermit’s eyes:

Another, in which we learn how ticklish Kermit is:

And, saving the best for last, Joey tries out her ABCs, with a little trick up her sleeve. This is one of the best Sesame Street sketches ever:

I just realized Joey’s got the same shirt on for all three. Were these filmed on the same day?

On another occasion Joey helps Snuffy with his ABCs:

And I’m pretty sure this is her standing by the piano when Mary Lou Williams teaches the kids to scat.

Her Muppet Wiki page makes her out to be a little older than typical kids on the show or in the audience, which is why she seemed so smart. It doesn’t tell us, though, where she is now. Unlike John John, she wasn’t featured in the 20th anniversary special.

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