It’s been a couple weeks since we posted our contribution to the “NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays” guide, the collaborative effort of this and 12 other blogs. (You’ll find links to the other sites, from now until the end of the season, at right in the sidebar, below the recent comments, or by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the post.)

We thought we’d check in on our fellow bloggers and see what additional goodies they’ve come up with in the intervening weeks.

Brooklyn Based, true to form, has a load of fun things on their Tip Sheet for the next week, including a Platza Party at Banya, Kensington’s Russian Baths. (See photo above; tuba courtesy of Zlatne Uste Brass Band, the house band for the event.) Being a fan of the schvitz, I was immediately drawn to that listing, though I have reservations about the idea of people smoking hookahs in the baths. Doesn’t quite seem kosher. Still, there’s a lot of other stuff happening across the river, including Sesame Street-themed caroling.

Give & Get has info on a mass effort going on in Times Square tomorrow, sponsored by WE tv, which aims to get women to pledge service hours for 2010. Prizes include a trip to NYC, which suggests (along with the event location) that it’s not exactly aiming at a local audience, but what the hey: service is service. An earlier post ruminates on the problem of too many volunteers. How best to organize our good intentions?

Manhattan Users Guide has an omnibus list of lists — the best of the best of the 2009 best of lists — as well as the low-down on holiday foods from truffles to tamales.

Mommy Poppins has been churning out kid-friendly holiday suggestions every day since we last checked in. Check out these great ideas for “experience gifts” — gifts that can’t quite fit under the tree. (Tickets to all nine carousels in NYC, anyone?)

NewYorkology has the low-down on one of our favorite NYC winter traditions: the nostalgia trains and buses. Find out where and when you can catch a ride on subway trains from the 1930s and buses from the 1950s.

NY Barfly has not one but two posts up on egg cocktails!

offManhattan has details on a holiday crafts fair sponsored by … the Brooklyn Historical Society! It ends tomorrow … catch it while you can. Or put it on your calendar for next year, since it’s an annual event.

the improvised life routinely offers great ideas for homemade gifts, including several ways to prepare apricots and cardamom.

the skint has a bunch of time sensitive free or cheap stuff and events listed — every day! By the time you read this, most of what they’ve announced for the day will be over. But if it’s still 12/16, and if you listened to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix as much as I did this year, check this out: today only, you can download Phoenix’s 2005 release, United, for only $1.99 on Amazon.

The Strong Buzz reminds us: It’s winter! Eat oysters!

Walking Off the Big Apple has an exhaustive list of musical celebrations for the holidays — and more good stuff on NYC films you can queue up for your next winter afternoon off work.

And finally …

WFMU‘s DJs are churning out their own yearly “best of” lists, always of major source for what I’ll be listening to next year.

Do you have other NYC holiday resources we should know about? Feel free to leave links in the comments section.