As ususal, I’m spending my Friday below 14th Street in Manhattan. Hooray for the Internets!

Kevin Walsh heads out to Brighton Beach and Coney Island [Forgotten NY]

And we hear rumors that the new amusement park will be named after an old one [Amusing the Zillion]

Willing to brave the cold? Take a self-guided graffiti tour of Bushwick and East Williamsburg [offManhattan]

Late link to photos of a late lunch with Pale Male [Urban Hawks]

Sunday lecture: Kerouac in Queens [NYC Parks & Rec]

Worst neighborhood name in New York history? Linoleumville, Staten Island, though some commentators would vote for Flushing instead. [Ephemeral New York]

And finally: Video montage of burned-out Bronx cityscapes in the 70s and 80s [Welcome to Melrose; h/t BoogieDowner]