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Often, when I’m walking around the city, I’ll see something that strikes me as the basis for a good blog post, and I’ll make a mental note of it and file it away. Most of these potential blog posts don’t get written, or they don’t get written in time to be timely. Sometimes, what I’ve noticed is an interesting tidbit that doesn’t seem to require a full post but that does merit mention.

So, as an experiment, we’re going to start microblogging these little moments using Twitter. Think of it as public note-taking with an invitation for commentary and further observations. Recent tweets will appear in the sidebar. With luck, these tweets will also serve as a kind of record our lives in the city as the second decade of the century begins.

For the record, we’re @pwhny. (Sorry, Bryan.)

You can arrange to follow us by clicking here.

UPDATE: I’ve just discovered that the picture above is displayed by the web-based client when Twitter is momentarily overloaded.