Actually, that’s from Bananas (1971). How about this, then?

We do have some links to old PWHNY posts on Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1979), which our students are watching for class this week. I’ve written here and elsewhere about the list, at the film’s end, of things that make life worth living. Last spring Cyrus posted a preview of his discussion of Allen’s film in his chapter on “Emergent ethnic literatures” for the Cambridge Companion. And Cyrus likes to compare the opening sequence of Allen’s film with the opener of a very different film — though one we sometimes read as a rejoinder to Allen’s — Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, which was released a decade later.

As to the old question of things that make life worth living, I’ll post Louis Armstrong’s recording of “Potatohead Blues” and let you decide whether Allen is being sincere or smug.