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  • Open late nights since 1762. RT @CenterdinNYC Today's popular late-night place: Fraunces Tavern Museum #
  • But only because you asked! Thx back. RT @paezpumarl @pwhny Thanks for the great semester! Be lenient on my exam…please…pretty please? #
  • Woo-hoo! RT @shenanigans1188 @pwhny by far one of of the best classes I've taken at NYU! Now I wish I'd been an English major…thanks!! #
  • Saw a preview tonight of Ric Burns's new documentary "Into the Deep," for which I was a consultant. It's showing Mon. night at 9 on PBS. #
  • The footage I saw makes me think it'll be great, so tune in! Plus I asked Ric if he'd ever be interested in doing a program at NYU with us. #
  • And he said yes. So stay tuned this fall! cp #
  • Lost City: Top 10 things that make NYC look like crap: #
  • @evanhughes Thanks for the #ff in reply to evanhughes #
  • RT @NePlusUltra Got The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of New York from @pwhny and can't wait to start reading it! Thank you @pwhny! #