1:31 a.m.

Ah, New York in the 21st century! Just back from an unexpected excursion into the night, courtesy of a suspicious vehicle parked across the street from NYU’s University Hall. Here’s an account from the Daily News. According to that esteemed paper, it was the fourth scare since the failed bombing attempt in Times Square.


1:36 a.m.

The latest from the New York Post. Perhaps the guy was catching the Buzzcocks over at Irving Plaza.


7:22 a.m.

Buzzcocks, it was. According to the Daily News:

As it turned out, the Buzzcocks played a role in ending the alarm. Concertgoers who came streaming out of the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza said the band stopped the show to make an announcement for police.

“They stopped in the middle of the song and said, ‘Does anyone have a 1991 Cutlass?'” said Shari Newman, 32.