OK, I’m not exactly inciting our readers to vandalism of gallery-sponsored graffiti, but like EV Grieve and Bowery Boogie I’ve been keeping an eye on the ongoing destruction of the Shepard Fairey wall of shame at Bowery and Houston. It really is a miserable piece, especially following the brilliant Os Gemeos and the temporary restoration of a Keith Haring that had stood at the same spot long ago.

I think the little bits of Os Gemeos peeking through are a serious improvement over the dour, shouldn’t-we-be-a-little-past-this-easy-sort-of-ironic work by Fairey. Don’t they just sparkle coming through that Soviet-Target mess?

Someone else just wants the Haring back.

And here we see evidence of the floral ejaculate paste-job that Jeremiah photographed on 10th street a few days back.

Viva la street! It’s hard not to see this as the public demanding something better on that corner. Nobody messed with the Os Gemeos, did they?