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  • @nydailynews Not any more — saw the earliest smoke signals and then the clearing abt 45 min or an hour later. Sorry! in reply to nydailynews #
  • RT @nypl Q: What was the first bridge built in New York City? A: King's Bridge, was constructed in 1693 and stood till 1917. #AskNYPL #
  • @nypl Though of course King's Bridge was quite a ways out of town yet when it was built. in reply to nypl #
  • RT @scdemark The Willis Avenue bridge floating on barges down the Hudson: Port of Coeymans is posting updates: #
  • Wow! 18th-c ship — oyster shells still attached to its planks — found at WTC site. Awesome pics! || @cityroom @lwarr #
  • Thanks for the RTs @hedgerows @second2thewrite @jellenp @josephcalamia @M_Chung! Awesome story, isn't it? #
  • Thanks @midtownny @kennected @citysnapshots for #ff love and to @second2thewrite for the shout-out! #
  • I should have known better than to fret about wearing cut-offs to a Fug funeral. A church full of general no-good-niks. My kind of church! #
  • @TruthSeerum Thanks for placing us in such great #ff company! #