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  • Prospecting the hashtag #wny11 for our spring Writing New York course, which starts on Monday. We hope you’ll jump in on Twitter convos. #
  • @clr So glad you liked it. I think I could watch Wilson Pickett YouTube clips for a living if anyone’s willing to cough up a salary. #
  • @NYHistory Maybe you were supposed to take your consort to the concert? (Was the “Broad St.” thing a pun in that case?) #
  • @NYULocal @ohheyitsjoan @_jakemoore Hey, it’s not that easy of an A. But yes, we take Twitter. Looking fwd to meeting @_jakemoore. #wny11 #
  • Punk night at the Paradise Garage: Hell in Paradise, 1978: via @karateboogaloo #
  • Prospecting a hashtag for @_waterman‘s second spring course, The Port of New York. #PoNY11 #
  • Standard but still wrong. RT @evgrieve: @buckyturco Standard practice by @newyorkpost. We had a running list for awhile. Ask @newyorkshitty #
  • @pkay225 NJ sneaks in there, from Kieft’s War to the creation of the Port Authority. Still, PoNYNJ just isn’t a sexy hashtag. #PoNY11 #
  • @blackburnrecs @jennpelly Indeed it does. Looking fwd to it. #wny11 #