This afternoon’s installment in our NYC playlist marathon comes from Eric E., aka Esquared, long-time denizen of the downtown blogosphere and virtual friend of PWHNY who describes himself as “a gentrified new yorker who’s finally appreciating the past, and slowly appreciating the present, and hopefully the future of nyc.” You can follow him on Tumblr or @cire_e on Twitter.

Eric describes his selections as “not necessarily my favorites, but some ‘modern’ ones, i.e. 90’s to early aughts, and mostly britpop”:

Around the empire state, I saw the angels fly
~“empire state halo,” echo and the bunnymen

Got into town on a Saturday night, With a Fender guitar and I checked out the sights, And I drank my way down to the Lower East Side
~ “new york, new york, 10009,” black 47

I had seven faces Thought I knew which one to wear, But I’m sick of spending these lonely nights, Training myself not to care, The subway is a porno, The pavements they are a mess I know you’ve supported me for a long time, Somehow I’m not impressed
~“nyc,” interpol

We don’t need to educate, We only want to stay up late, Looking for these broken joints, Take in a peepshow?
~“nyc (there’s no need to stop),” the charlatans uk

And you must leave now, Before the sunrise, Above skyscrapers, The sin and This mess we’re in and, The city sun sets over me
~“the mess we’re in,” pj harvey with thom yorke

bonus — nyc in the ’80s videos

“big apple,” kajagogoo

“cruel summer,” by bananarama has nothing to do with nyc, but nice shots of nyc in the ’80s in the video

What’s on your NYC playlist?