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  • Has the city taken the WSQPark scrub-up too far? #
  • RE @_waterman visiting @cpatell in Abu Dhabi this wk? RT @TweetsOfGrass I love them quits and quits . . . . I do not halt and make salaams. #
  • .@_waterman & @cpatell at lunch today, outdoors in warm Abu Dhabi sun, plotting a new course called Global New York. What would you teach? #
  • Earlier… #oops MT @_waterman Called out at Grand Mosque for tattoos & asked to wear a dishdasha to cover them. #
  • .@cpatell & @_waterman happily reunited in the classroom. Just finished teaching Angels in America to @cpatell's Cosmopolitan class @ NYUAD. #
  • Terrific conversation about Angels with students hailing from all around the globe. #angelsinabudhabi #nottobeconfusedwithSaTC2 #yikes #